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All our products are organic and some are also fairtrade

Pitted Dates

Pitted Dates

Dates branches

Dates branches

Dates in gift box

Dates in gift box

Date paste

Date paste

Chopped dates

Chopped dates

Dates industrial

Dates industrial

Fair treats

Endless possibilities with our organic date paste

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South Organic

South Organic is a family-owned company specialized in processing dates. It is located in Kebili in the south of Tunesia , on the edge of the Sahara dessert. This area is characterized by the presence of many oasis mostly overgrown with date plantations. The date variety “Deglet Nour” is known and loved all over the world.

South Organic is since 2001 the initiator in an organic date-project. Next to buying the dates from the farmers South Organic also coaches the now 170 affiliated farmers. All affiliated farmers are certified organic of which 50 farmers, situated in 2 vilages,  are also certified by Flo-cert which means that their part of the production is labeled as “Organic ánd Fairtrade”.

Once a year the dates are harvested. South Organic takes care of the intake of the crop after which it is selected on the quality and stored in a cool place. Before the dates can be exported they are washed extensively, optionally dried and again selected on quality. The biggest part of the dates is than pitted which is a very laborious process. This process employs a group of 80 – mainly female – workers. After pitting and another quality check the dates are packed, labeled and palletized for transport.

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South Organic


Is a serious matter;

Since 1991 regulated by European law;

Organic farming (agriculture and stock raising) is carried out within the framework of these EU regulation.

Briefly it means there are do’s and don’ts farmers have committed themselvers to. This also applies to processors.

Method, ingredients used as well as business operations and storage at third parties are all regulated.

Every producer and trader who produces and trades products as organic has to be affiliated with the designated control authority.

For the Netherlands that is Skal Biocontrole;

This is the EU organic logo which is requiered on any certified organic product. 

EU logo biologisch
In not-EU countries, such as Tunesia, the EU has designated several control authorities as equivalent partner.

Producers certified by one of these partners are also allowed to sell their products as organic.

Every import goes together with lots of paperwork.

Kebili b.v., as EU importer , is registrated with SKAL under licencenumber 104280.

Our exporter in Tunesia and all date-growers involved are certified by Ecocert.

For more information about Ecocert please visit

& Fair

Everything and everybode is “fair” nowadays.


Consumers deserve some guarantee for the additional charge on FAIRTRADE-products. This guarantee is provided by an organisation such as FLOCERT, Same as with ORGANIC there are rules to keep to and control on these rules. FLO ensures that the farmers receive a fair price for their products. This additional charge is finally realized through conscious customers.


What about the dates from Kebili?

We sell only dates from our exporter South Organic. Within this project 170 date-growers are affiliated with a total surface of 150 acres. All of the farmers are certified ORGANIC. 50 of them (about 2 villages) are also certified by FLOCERT and therefor officially FAIRTRADE.


Next year approximately 30 ORGANIC farmers and 10 FAIRTRADE farmers will join the project.


Our dates and dateproducts are Always ORGANIC;

Part of our products are ORGANIC ánd FAIRTRADE.

Always check the declaration on our packaging!

Affiliated farmers
Families with a decent income
Children can attend school
Dedicated consumers
Harvesting dates

To protect the dates against the rain they are covered by a plastic sleeve. The harvest is from october until the beginning of november.


The Date-palm can reach a hight of 15 till 25 metres and several palms can grow out of one root system. The pollination of the flowers happens normally through wind; in modern commercial plantations it is done manually. Date-palms cab stand up to drought and great heat: a very hot climat is a necessary condition for the dates to grow ripe and reach a high quality. A Date-palm can produce dates from a height of 1 meter, a full grown tree produces 5 till 10 large bunches a year.

EU logo biologisch


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